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Saturation church planting requires ministry that is focused, fertile, and fast! Such qualities raise questions. Where will leadership come from and how well can leaders be trained in such a short time? How can evangelism and discipleship take place so effectively? Where will the finances come from to support the ministry?

These and other questions were raised whenScott Friderichand I (both of the ASCP's Regional Resource Team) visited three churches in North centralKazakhstan in March. All three churches have leaders with less than one year of Bible school training . . . two leaders entered ministry less than 12 months after coming to Christ, and one began to pastor just 13 months after conversion!

What kind of ministry philosophy generates such results? Are there not serious problems in these churches or at least a serious shallowness of faith? Some common ministry of philosophy threads run through all three churches . . .

For the most part, evangelism and discipleship take place relationally and individually with the support of small (but strong) house groups. House groups are discipleship, worship, and ministry centers, and each owns its responsibility to evangelize its part of the city. Generally, a new believer will visit a house group before coming to the larger corporate church gathering.

Potential leaders are those who show signs of transformation. They are trained to lead small groups that grow by evangelism and discipleship (nine months of Bible school training is offered to leaders with the greatest potential). House groups take the vision of planting churches seriously and sometimes become the foundation for a new church. Most leaders have been believers for less than 3 years, but they are committed to the activities and values of the Great Commission. Immature and/or fleshly behavior does express itself at times, but the focus is never compromised. In the last eight years, 35 people have been sent out to serve other churches as pastors or on leadership teams.

Except for a few stipends, the churches require no regular financial support from outside the country. They are driven by multiplication and not by resources or facilities.

How can we assist these churches to become even more powerful without causing dependency? How can we help these churches without removing the struggles that God may be using to strengthen their faith? How can we resource them and not inhibit their ability or passion to reproduce their ministry?

David Toth, ASCP Regional Resource Team
Budapest, Hungary



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Church Multiplication Associates (CMA) exists to support and encourage church multiplication movements by developing new resources focused on reproducing disciples, leaders, churches and movements from the place where you're planted and finishing at the ends of the earth. At, Neil Cole shares leadership lessons from the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul. Follow this link to Leadership that Lasts: Journeys to Significance.

For more from Neil Cole, check out his book Cultivating a Life for God:



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by Scott Friderich

Scott Friderichis Research Consultant to the ASCP (sent by Perimeter Church) and an integral part of its Regional Resource Team inBudapest. Along with conquering virtual civilizations and devouring books on history, Scott is passionate about training national church planting researchers.  In AprilScott helped complete a research project for the Antioch Movement in Ukraine. To learn more about Scott's convictions on the value of research and church planting, follow this link to his article Research with Feet.

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Alliance Field Leaders' Consultation
September 16-18, 2004
Budapest, Hungary

Featuring David Garrison, author of Church Planting Movements

More details to come...



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